Thursday, August 27, 2009

secrets to success

For anyone that was wondering or caring where i get my seemingly endless supply of hip hop mixtapes and leaked tracks, here's a little website I like to visit every once in awhile, where basically you can type in the artist you wanna find and it will come back with like 300 mixtapes per guy, depending on his popularity of course. While most of the tapes are unofficial and made by random dj's trying to get downloads, there are always a gem here and there that have collected alot of songs that I have not been able to find, or didn't know about from other hip hop blog sites. Also the art on these mixtapes are hilariously awesome. My two favorites so far are one with jadakiss and lil wayne in futuristic war gear holding giant fuck off machine guns, and the other one is lil wayne again, with angel wings holding a dead baby or some shit. The art really has nothing to do with the mixtape, and are obviously photoshopped, but come on, who doesn't wanna see their favorite rapper holding huge guns and smoking giant blunts with angel wings and sweet cars and city sky lines in the background? Anyways the website is but you gotta have Vuze/Azureus to download them. Also, I'm just gonna warn you now that there are alot of jank tapes on the site too, so you just gotta sift through the poopy and figure out which is better. Happy hunting.

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