Monday, September 12, 2011

I know its 10 years too late, and I know it hardly matters anymore, and I know conspiracy theories and theorists pretty much all sound like wack jobs, and I'm pretty sure there will never been any real "truth" to be gleamed from the countless investigations and analyses going on. But seriously though, with all theories and wild speculations to the side, from a completely unbiased and neutral spectator with no motives or preconceived notions, from someone who desperately seeks what is "real", didn't those towers fall just a bit peculiar to anyone else? I'm just saying.

Edit: Since the 10 year anniversary on Sunday, for whatever reason my mind has not stopped thinking about the tragedy. I'm losing sleep, I'm obsessing over it during my daily routine, its just constantly in my headc. I'm not saying George Bush did it, I'm not even saying Osama Bin Laden didn't do it. I'm not saying shit, cus I don't know shit. But seriously, the evidence, wherever it points to, is right there on the fucking screen, no matter how tragic, appalling, or damning, it is silly to look past the obvious.

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