Monday, October 19, 2009

we are family

I've seriously been slackin on the bloggin, but to be honest I couldn't really care less. My last few weeks have been a whirlwind really. Like previously stated, I have finally been placed in the schools, and even after 3 solid weeks have not not settled in in the least. I think that's kind of a good thing, because I still look forward to going, but its also pretty stressful. More importantly though, my brother was just married to his high school honey. I honestly couldn't imagine a more perfect couple, and not just in the mushy romantic way, but in all ways. They are somehow funnier when together, more passionate together, and just all around more awesome when together. This will be my first go at having a sister, but I can only imagine it will go swimmingly, considering the caliber of kick ass Taylor really is. All ass kissing aside, this weekend was fucking awesome. My brother got married, I saw family from Colorado and California that I haven't seen in years, I got to chill with friends that I haven't seen in double digit months, I got to shamelessly hit on my favorite Sarver sister well into Saturday night, and got to wear a tux and mustache, and dance my ass off to Sandstorm and Shake Ya Tailfeathers. Its funny, generally I would consider my ipod one of my most cherished possessions, but even after losing it Friday night in an intoxicated haze, I would absolutely consider this weekend a smashing success. I'll be posting pictures up on facebook soon enough. But for now let this one sum up the night.


  1. awesome hanging out in your basement saturday night.

    and that picture rules.