Tuesday, September 7, 2010

something to hold on to

According to my Wells Fargo online bank statement I have made exactly nine dollars and eighty two cents more then I have spent in the last three months of living, surviving, grinding, eking out an existence. With the last 3 weeks of working 25/7 I'm hoping I'll have a tiny little next egg to send me home to the midwest without any issues and still be able to enjoy the last couple weeks of east coast living. I'll miss the shit out of the people and places I've grown to love, but god damn it I'm looking forward to the green grass and fresh air of my beloved heaven in the corn field.


Also, I hope to god that I can be back before October 2 so I can tail gate the Penn State game. I just wanna tail gate in proper fashion in general. Even if we play the little giants.

EDIT: Scratch that. Have a wedding that day. Guess I'll be game casting that one.

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