Thursday, December 2, 2010

Human Let Down Epidemic Reaching Global Proportions

Local area man, Tyler Boeyink, is quickly becoming disillusioned with the rampant epidemic of blow offs in his social network. "In the last month or two I would say I have either been stood up, or completely blown off at least a dozen times or so." He would comment. Let the record show, however, that being stood up or completely blown off are exactly the same thing.
His concerns for the reliability of humanity grow as friends and potential dates seem to "have it out for him." With friends and family members moving on to other parts of the country to pursue careers and secondary education, times are looking tough for Boeyink. "Its getting to the point where I can't even make an arrangement to hang out casually with a friend without doubting that person will even show up. I understand that sometimes things happen, and you have to cancel, but at least have the decency to give a heads up in some form. I'm really debating if I should start collecting a deposit or some type of collateral so if my feelings get hurt at least I have something in the way of money or cool toys to show for it."
With doubts on the rise, it is hard to say what impact this will have on Boeyink's willingness to make arrangements in the future. "His confidence is shattered and his self respect is at an all time low," added one of his friends. "it's hard to see this happen to the same person over and over again."
We here at Change Order wish you luck Mr. Boeyink, in your frugal attempt to maintain old relationships, and establish new ones. Don't let these economic and social hard times get to you. In the wise words of an honest hard working man, "ya gotta just keep on keepin' on."

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  1. Local man, Tyler Boeyink, will hopefully be doing better after reading this article:

    Miss you local man, Tyler Boeyink. Hope all is well in your stomach of the woods.