Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I shine at night like the bathroom light

I don't know how it eluded me for all these years, but night lights might have snuck their way onto my top 10 all time favorite things in the universe. They save electricity by keeping hall way lights off. They are automatic. Sometimes they also smell nice. They are just dim enough to keep you from blinding yourself in the hallway, but bright enough to keep the ghosts and monsters away. Aaaaaaand they come in cool designs. When I was little we had a Garfield cover for our bathroom light. As we got older it got replaced by Mario, and finally turned into a soccer ball as the bathroom wallpaper got changed. As I begin to think about it, the majority of houses I have been to in my 24 years of existence have had some kind of hallway or bathroom light. They are universal. And they are just plain practical. So, so amazing. Where have I been all these years? I've been missing the party.

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