Monday, February 1, 2010

letter to the world war is hell

Dear doctors, nurses, neurologists, Multiple sclerosis, nature, drug companies, diseases in general, and a lot of other things I don't have the emotional energy to call out right now. Go fuck yourself.


When life seems like its just about to give you even the smallest kind of break, usually its a nasty trick meant to get your hopes up high, only to crush them and put you down lower then you already originally were. Sometimes its hard to be a soldier for the army of the light when all you see is darkness, and the light has really never existed in the first place. Its hard to fight for something that just might only be an abstract thought. Its hard to fight when you're not even really sure what you're fighting for. And its hardest of all to continue to fight when there are people in the trenches next to you that are falling.

I sure could use an air strike right about now, or at least some reinforcements.

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