Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rudy Rips

Our after school programs are some of the few reasons why I haven't quit City Year months ago. This is Rudy, he's in 2nd grade. He's smarter then most of the 7th graders I teach. He dances. Well.

This is more of our after school students "vandalizing" our school with sidewalk chalk per my suggestion. We were promptly made to clean it shortly thereafter.

These are a couple of my pieces.

And this is the view from the roof of the medical center that two of my cohorts and I got caught sneaking up to during a break from not very important meetings two weeks ago. I blamed City Year for why I was up there in the first place. A month and a half to go.


  1. Wow. That is disgusting how good he is. Did you start taking lessons yet?

  2. he's not to be bothered with such trifling ass no talent clowns. he's had way better moves in the past too. its hilarious.