Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cap town

So i went to see kyle in DC over the weekend while my roommates soaked up the arizona sun. all in all it was a phenomenal experience. Friday night I met up with him and his aussie friend elliot and pounded a couple pitchers of margaritas for happy hour. afterwards we drank some more at kyle's place that has an awesome view of the capital from his roof, so we got drunk and then went to a bar to dance.

Saturday consisted of a pretty intense hangover coupled with an amazing tour of the eastern market and national mall. kyle happened to ruin a tourist's photo by flexing as we walked by, so we made it our duty the rest of the day to ruin any and all photos being taken. I dont know if you've ever been to DC but there is never not a picture being taken, so it was a full time job flexing, scowling, bending over and grabbing crotches in the background. I believe it's safe to say, though, that we ruined many a memory all while enjoying the monuments and memorials personally. Later that night we took a breather with some mighty boosh viewing, which I have been noticing lately, never gets old. Eventually we met up with a mutual friend kyle and i shared from iowa city, Ilse. she has a pretty dope pad in a part of town named soggy bottoms, or some spongebob squarepants sounding town. I think between 6 or 7 people we enjoyed about 7 or 8 bottles of wine, as well as some beer and i believe whisky. needless to say we got drunk and shouted at bros 10 stories below us, and ran around peeing and dancing all over the roof. kyle barfed, we both stained clothes with wine, but all in all it was a fantastic night.

the next day we went back down to the mall to check out the earth day festivities and watched hippies make asses of themselves, which turns out is extremely fulfulling. we took in a free showing of the flaming lips which was pretty bitching, then ate some mexican food and went back to kyle's to check out some more boosh with kyle's afghani friend mustafa, that i later dubbed brohammed. He was pleased.

All in all my DC experience was pretty crucial. The city had a very small town, iowa city type feel, but had all the benefits of being a big city, with the very laid back, extremely friendly atmosphere. In fact I couldn't stop commenting about how nice EVERYONE seemed to be. Defintely a city I'm gonna have to visit often. It was good to reunite with Kyle and rehash our old jackass ways, while meeting new friends and having great times in an awesome new town.



  1. I miss your jackassery.

  2. comment? i'm stalking you.

  3. You both are morons that I love deeply... in the butt.

  4. I laughed out loud when I read that Kyle barfed and all my students laughed at me. I'll try to get an electric powered fly swatter out to you soon if shipping isn't a bitch.

  5. that sounds like an all around typical day for me here in pella! PS. i have a parasite called giardia, blah.