Wednesday, April 22, 2009

dumpin on you hatin ass dogs with that wah wah wah

One thing I've come to notice in my two and a half weeks in Conshohocken is that everywhere I walk Winston, every single block, with no exceptions, there is a dog, or more, either sittin on a porch, in a fenced in backyard, or sittin in an open window, just watching the sidewalks, waiting for another dog to walk by. So they can hate on em. I have not seen a dog in this town that does not bark at any other dog that walks by. And of course, being as restless as my pup is, he gets all bent outta shape about it, and gets uppity. For me at least, it seems like all the inside and caged up dogs, its like they're hating on him. Every single time, with no fail, I am instantly reminded of the Chappelle show skit, the player haters ball. Just about a bunch of dudes standing around hatin on everybody else. And since Winnie is as fly as he is, they hate on him even more.
Every single time i just tell him, dont worry about it homie, their just mad cus your stylin on em. I almost wish there was a website that made doggy Jordans, so he can be that much more fly. But instead if I'm really feeling good, I try to coax him into taking a dump right their in their yard, when there's nothing they can do about it but yap. Sadly, nothing makes me happier then when he complies. There is not much that feels better then shittin on those hatin ass dogs. So without further ado, the Hater's Ball. Hate hate hate hate hate.

Kiss my ass you rotten motha fuckas.

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