Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Master Peace

Its like,

life’s a bitch and then you die,

while everybody’s out for their piece of pie.

But you’d rather see me die, then see me fly

people clean these plates, but I don’t know why.

I don’t know how,

they take their losses then take their bows,

then take their bows, and shoot their toes,

then pop them four’s so they can cop them four’s.

Bump that Bose and shop them clothes.

Spending more, till they close them doors,

then close their eyes,

aint done shit and then they die.

Eyes to the sky, like why God why?

They need to stop, like red with 8 sides,

all is lost, but were given guides,

mixed with guise, and disguise.

Some tell truths, while all tell lies.

All-time lows, while all time flows,

and all time flies, cant plan shit,

gotta improvise.

Take what you get,

then take that shot.

Might get fouled, or might get got.

To love and lost, or better to not?

Untie that knot,

unbound them chains.

Fake ass gets slain, while truths remain.

Your hearts the clip,

but your heat’s the brain.

Strive hard, maintain,

life is Arcane.

Don’t let dreams get slain.

Fill up your tub don’t pull the drain.

Don’t drain that pull,

don’t drain the bowl.

Escape’s not what it seems,

don’t chase that bull.

Cup’s not half empty

but it aint half foal, like Motaro.

Fight it off like tae-kwon-do

Then freeze that shit,


Too many villains, no more heroes.

People act like bosses, but no Shao Kahn,

lives played out, conclusions foregone.

Conclusions foretold, delusions store sold,

chasing that paper only finding fools gold.

But theres still heart, and theres still hope,

and theres still goals, under your scope.

Its hard to cope, on that tight rope,

but you cant slip, like bars of soap.

Like bars of dope, keep that head high,

so pests and flies, will get SWAT,

like FBI.

On yourself rely, nobody owes you,

like half the vowels.

Clear your throat then clear those bowels,

on any one man, throwin in the towel,

then mop that shit, like at Mcdowell’s.

No one said that life was easy,

but theres no need to crash, like kamikeezy.

Throw up them hats, like you were queasy

and graduate, like your name is Yeezy.


  1. Two things:

    1) Inspiration. YTMND. This is your world, we're just livin' in it. Makes me want to step my game up.

    2) I feel like when you finished penning this masterpiece, you put leaned back and said, "AND IN CASE YOU FORGOT....I'M THE KIIIIINNGGGGG!"

    Don't quit now, son, they're calling your name.