Friday, March 26, 2010

RIP Conshy Crushers

Tonight is my last full night in Conshohocken, and as absolutely elated as I am to move to the city with cheaper rent and closer proximity to everything cool, I couldn't help but feel a rush of nostalgia blindside me as I started to do the bulk of my packing. Its hard to believe that its only been, but has already been a year since I moved out here. The days have gone by so absurdly fast, but at the same time have racked up so many memories it would be a futile effort to document or recount any of them in this specific post. I can only hope that my past, less experienced self was able to capture a few of these moments in blog posts of yesterday.

As I was effortlessly dismantling my Ikea purchased bed (its the mantling that requires all the goddamned effort) I stumbled upon an old movie ticket underneath the mattress dating back to May 17 of last year. Barely legible were the words I Love You Man. I immediately remembered back to the very day I watched this movie with Matt and Scott, shortly after I had made the cross country trip east. I want to say that it was the dawn of our epic double feature Sundays, and that it was the second leg of a Terminator: Salvation, I Love You Man double header. Regardless, I couldn't have scripted a more appropriately cheesy thing to happen as I slowly disassembled the last 365 days (give or take a few if you count my summer refuge back home) of my life and box it up for a short trip to South Philly for a new beginning. As we all know by know the movie is a coming of age saga about dudes hanging out with dudes, and the ups and downs that are involved with dudedom, which was precisely what the last year has been. Just dudes, being dudes, and doing dude stuff. For better and for worse.

I can honestly say I will absolutely miss the shit out of Conshy, even though its just a short trip down the expressway, but I will definitely look back with complete fondness the times I had here. To Matt (who I know will eventually read this) and Scott (who doesn't give a shit about my blog, but I'm still gonna shout out anyway) its been a true pleasure. They say, like, don't dip the pen in company ink, I'm totally glad I dipped in your ink, bro.

Lord knows that will be the movie I fall asleep to as I spend my last night here.

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