Monday, November 9, 2009

city year

Things that should be going on during city year time.

Things that actually go on during city year time.

Over the last week or so my homie Alex and I have been freestyle spittin across a few blocks from each other via cell phone texts.
Best lines so far
My flows so focused,
I wrote this,
then it flows from brain to tongue like osmosis

My balls and a mic is what i stay grippin
step to me son you must be trippin
climbin to the top while others keep slippin
cus im nice with a mic just like scott pippen

followed by

I speak from my mind everybody be flippin
my words spread around like a new weed shipment
all them other rappers better know they need to listen
cuz the shit i be spittin is the best shit ever written.

Yea were the next slim shadys.


  1. Think about the children, Ty.

  2. Look up the word champion, see my name in the dictionary
    The only place people will see your face is in your obituary
    Quick Draw McGraw and this game is just pictionary
    I'm the next Hildegard because my shit is so visionary