Sunday, May 3, 2009

3 a.m.

Had to post again after seeing this video. Back in the day I use to absolutely detest eminem and everything he stood for. his songs and videos that ripped on pop culture at the time were just annoying, and had no musical value what so ever. i mean yea sure i like seeing tom green hump a dead moose as much as the next guy, but that shit was not music. his more serious songs were a little bit better, but never anything i would buy or download. all of this changed when 'the great white hype' started announcing his return along with dr. dre's. my interest has hit fever pitch after hearing his latest leak 3 a.m. i've had this song on blast on my ipod for about a week now, and the video just got made. i highly doubt it gets on mtv much due to the graphic nature. everything from baths of blood, dismembered bodies and gallons and gallons of blood can be seen in this lyrical, and literal bloodbath. em's wordplay in this song alone is unmatchable, and finally snuck his way onto my ipod. now i'm standing in line with the rest of the world for relapse to drop. but until then, here's a little bloodbath for ya.


  1. It's been done. See Eminem's rival, and better.

  2. I appreciate him going back to his Marshall Mathers LP roots, because that is still his best album, but I cannot stand his bouncy high-pitch, staccato flow that he has adopted. The video is super gnarly though. Probably going to have nightmares. Peep this gem along the same lines....