Monday, May 11, 2009

stale moldy bread

Sorry for the delay folks, but it appears I've been a bit on the lazy side. I could blame it on the fact that the mom unit and grandma came for the weekend, but that would only excuse 3 days of the 10 day hiatus I took. So I'm just gonna save those excuses for a rainy day. Where to even start. A lot has happened since my last post. Saw Del the funky homosapien blow the roof off the first unitarian church downtown, saw wolverine, star trek and observe and report: all, I would add, are must sees. Somehow every weekend since I have moved out here has managed to be the best weekend ever. There looks to be no slowing up either.
Friday I took la familia downtown for a tour of the city, which actually was pretty decent. We took a double decker bus tour on one of the nicest days of the year so far, and saw some pretty decent shit. My favorite being the museum of art, that had a sizable collection of picassos, and dali paintings, as well as a bunch of other avant garde and modern artists I studied in college. Friday night was pretty chill for the whole house cus the next day was spent cleaning and preparing for the big party we had in my honor saturday night.
The night was pretty ballin, I met a bunch of new people, as well as some old friends, and my college buddy Schmitty, or Schmizz beats as we have tagged him even came from DC, which was a very welcome surprise. Highlights from the party include beer pong, Lebomb James shots, (ask if your interested) carmello anthony's game winning shot, tree climbing, and a brief NBA jam session.
Sunday somehow managed to be just as fun as the night before, as we woke up and cleaned the house in under an hour, did some pretty intense alexisonfire singalongs/ air guitarage, had a small NBA jam round robin tournament, and photographed dunk contest on the living room nerf hoop. The night and weekend was very tidily capped off with a cinema double feature between mattie and myself, where we paid to see observe and report, and slipped into star trek immediately following. It looks like the double feature might become a regular sunday night fixture.
List of things to do this week before we conshy crush another weekend includes: applying for more damn jobs, calling all the places I have applied to, start working out on a more regular basis, play as many of the 15 new sega games we bought as possible, watch the nba playoffs, climb more trees, finish my very reference laden rap about balling, and get a damn job.
The weekend looks to be another promising 3 days, as the 15th promises to bring the midwest back to my doorstep with minnesota rhymeslayers brother ali and atmosphere. Schmitty has tentatively rsvp'ed and im hoping he can drag kyle's pathetic ass too.
Hope this caught everyone up to speed, i gotta bounce cus the tom and jerry episode where Tom's mousetrap blueprints come to life and the stick figure version of jerry has to team up to avoid getting snatched by the stick figure version of tom.
Again sorry for the delay, hopefully I can start posting a little more regularly. In the mean time, San Diego, you can go fuck yourself. I'm ron burgundy?


  1. Ty, check out the fest a couple friends and I just copped tickets too! I think you'd approve.

    lebron isnt going to lose in playoffs.