Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mixtape M(su)nday

Yea yea a little bit corny title but it is what is. Anyways, I've been thinking lately about how awesome 2009 is gonna be for hip hop fans. There is just too much to even mention but i still gotta try. As we've already seen, Eminem is even back in the game, which I originally wouldn't care about, but for some reason Relapse piqued my interest, and I actually downloaded and enjoyed it. Besides that, here is a breakdown of all the albums and artists that have me excited, and their all coming out this year.

Curren$y - "this aint no mixtape" this little gem actually already got released a month ago, and as promised, hot spitta killed it. Still listening to this ish every day.

Kid Cudi - "man on the moon" cudder is by far my favorite artist out right now. he kills every track he's on and is probably the most creative and individual rapper out there. he's like kanye west was in 2003, only better. im definitely buy this one when it comes out in august.

Wale - "attention: deficit" another new artist thats been killing tracks, wale from DC is a lyrical genius. he's got the english language mastered and just knows how to flow.

Lupe Fiasco - "not sure what its called yet" definitely one of the best rappers alive, lupe has been doing his thing for a minute, and this album will definitely not be an exception. any track he touches is gold. lupe is hip hop for people that dont like rap, he just makes good music, with a positive message and insane lyrical skill.

Consequence - "you win some you lose some" its the cons fool, gotta say, cons to the quence is probably the most underrated rapper in the game. hes got lyrics, hes got punchlines, and hes got the flow. i dont wanna be so bold to say hes as good as nas, but seriously, seriously close. besides cudi and lupe i gotta say cons' album is my most anticipated. i always got him on blast, and no one even knows about it. its a shame.

the game - "r.e.d. album" i love the game. i always have and always will. maybe a little too gangsta for me, but dude has new york skills. after lax i thought he was gonna retire, so hearing about this album coming out got me all hot and bothered.

method man and redman - "blackout! 2" the funk doctor and hot nicks killed another album with this leaked gem. this two make weed smoking music better then anyone i know. they are the funnniest duo, but still keep it hard. love em.

fabolous - "loso's way" fabo takes flyness to a whole new level. hes got the smoothest most laid back flow, and always delivers the punchlines. wish he got more credit for how dope he is, cus he's got the fire. brooklyn we go hard

drake - "thank me later" this canuck has just turned the internet on its head with how much he blew up in the last 6 months. dude can sing and rap. me and mattie been blasting his mixtapes like crazy lately.

rick ross - "deeper than rap" gotta say i never thought i would have much good things to say about boss, he's had shitty skills from the beginning, and the only thing keeping him in the game was his deep voice. this album definitely changed it for me. he goes hard on this album, and has stepped up his skills. im still not convinced he didnt get a ghost writer for this, cus its so good.

big sean - "finally famous" this dude is just fun. he's definitely not the best in the game and has work, but hes all about being fly, and wadaya know... so am i. i dig the dude. enough said.

jay z - "blueprint 3" gotta say, im pretty apprehensive about this album. american gangster was absolute shit, kingdom come was pretty good, but not jay z good, so im worried about the god mc. the only thing really keeping me up on this is the fact he named it blueprint 3. with a stamp like that if its not a 5 mics classic then im gonna be let down. dont leave me hanging hova.

dr dre - "detox" the doc is definitely back. theres been a few leaked tracks already out on the net where t.i. does the rapping as dre, leading most to believe he's doing the ghostwriting, like jay z did chronic 2001. hope t.i. and subsequently dr dre kill this. i need some west coast back in my life.

lil wayne - "carter IV" not to be mistaken with his shit rock album "rebirth" weezy already started recording for the fourth carter last october. the carter series have all been straight fire, and his mixtapes and almost daily leaks of new songs, weezy f baby, i can boldly and confidently say, is the best rapper alive. jay z fell of, and with that being said, lil wayne spits and works harder then anyone in the game. he is by far the most original rapper in the game, with a new style for every single verse. i cant say enough about how sick he is.

and with all that being said, that was the rapper round of albums im looking forward to this year. hope this was helpful to all you little hip hop cats. hope i didnt miss anything or anyone. someone holla back. what are yall looking forward to?


  1. truth on the rick ross comment.

    big sean is going to rip, his flow is dope.

    agreed with everything said in this blog except one thing....i still hate wheezy. until he showers i refuse to like him.

    your little bro ripped on the soccer field today, however he has a lot of work to do on his faux hawk skills.


    p.s. did you monetize your blog? idk if i should.

  2. yea i did monetize it, just cus i havent been able to find a job for almost 2 months now. any kind of cash flow is needed. im sellin a ton of shit on ebay too. im thinking about selling my body for a little extra cash as well. it doesnt seem to really bother anything.