Sunday, May 3, 2009


Since I moved out here, and not having a job or any obligations to occupy my time, my routine has been waking up around 9-9:30, walking winston for a half hour, and then come back home to some soy milk cereal and watch cartoons until about 1 (tom and jerry are on from 12-1) and then switching over to soccer after that, until something different manifests itself. (which never happens.) Today I was lucky enough to wake up to the first part of a 3 part series of Fairly Oddparents called wishology. basically there are these evil robots that attacked fairy world, and timmy saved the day with white wand, and became the hero named the chosen one. in the second installment 'the darkness' robots come back flyer then before, with boomboxes in their chests and rollerskates on their feet, but again timmy saves the day with the help of his zany pals. the third installment, which i will be missing due to a del the funky homosapien concert downtown tonight, looks to be even more epic. the darkness comes back again, but this time timmy round up all the fairies of fairy world to fight back, similar to the last movie of the matrix trilogy. i really hope they have reruns of this saga, cus it is kicking some major ass and i wanna see the last episode. also i dont ever wanna grow up.

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